Month: September 2015

What’s Killing Our Bees?

The decline of bee populations globally has been of understandable concern for many years now. The blame has been laid at a number of doors. The truth is most likely to be a combination of many threats contributing to the devastation. Researching the topic is enlightening. Perhaps patterns are now  showing what may be responsible for the Read More …

Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2015

Aussie Backyard Bird Count A great opportunity to take action and become involved in a sustainable project. Spread the word and work in a group. Children love being involved in this type of activity, where they are taking action and being able to see the results later; teaches them so much and encourages optimism about Read More …

Global Backyard Bird Count 2015

Global Backyard Bird Count 2015 Cornell Bird Site and Map The Great Backyard Bird Count is Global. Fabulously interesting global results to read Wonderful Photo Galleries and more Global Backyard Bird Count Bird Count India 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count 2015 – Canada