Prince Charles warns that plastic is now on the menu.

Don't wait for anyone to deputize you or authorize you or empower you. You just start out with yourself...and put one foot in front of the other.

-Hazel Henderson



84 percent of all household waste can be recycled.

Most families throw away about 39 kilos of plastic every year

The rubbish dumped in landfill stays for about 30 years.

Every ton of paper recycled saves 17 trees

For every 1 ton of paper recycled, we save 26,000 litres of water free from chemicals.




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Making Waste Management Easy

In the image above you can see a basket attached on the right, behind the wheelie bin.

This very clever design was  devised by a handy parent at the school who modified

an old wastebasket and added a flip lid with an opening to collect the

can, bottles, cartons and tetra packs. The clear visual labels make it easy for all

students to make clear sorting decisions.

They don't have to be able to read.

A link to the excellent signs can be found

on this page.





Nev House 

Recycle Right

The Global Food banking Network

An Australia Without Hunger


KESAB  environmental solutions 

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Recycling Near You

(recycle clean clothing for rags and more)

More Recycling


RECYCLE obselite E-Waste including computers, old mobile phones etc.

RECYCLE spent batteries responsibly through Battery Recycling Centres.           soles4souls-300x210   RECYCLE spent toner cartridges for printers & photocopiers

RECYCLE old x-rays, claiming back the silver nitrate

 RECYCLE old unusable clothing/fabrics as Clean Rags for use in industry

RECYCLE Donate old woollen clothing and towels to your local animal shelter

RECYCLE unwanted good shoes through Souls4Souls

Butterfly Movement


RECYCLE unwanted Furniture or fittings through Freecycle, GumTree or E-Bay

RECYCLE Eyeglasses